Konstantopoulos Konstantinos

Konstantopoulos Konstantinos Hematologist

Director, Hematology Department

Education & Academic Qualifications


Professor of Medicine and Hematology, Athens University Medical School, Head of the University Department of Hematology (2013-2021) at Laikon Hospital of Athens


Athens University Medical School (1973-1978)

Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London University, Hammersmith Hospital, Department of Hematology and Department of Immunology (1989-1991), London UK


PhD/ Thesis Athens

University Medical School,

Diploma in Clinical Pathology (modules Hematology-Immunology), London University London UK (covered by an overseas scholarship of the Greek National Scholarships Foundation)

Board Member

Greek National Boards in Internal Medicine (1985)

Greek National Boards in Hematology (1991)

Editorial Boards

AD-HOC REVIEWER for peer-reviewed international journals

Case Reports in Hematology, HINDAWI International Publications

Chinese Journal of Medicine

Benham Series Journal of Autoinflammation (Special Issue Editor)

French Journal of Dermatology


Professional Experience

Professor of Medicine and Hematology, Athens University Medical School

Head, Department of Clinical Hematology, Athens University Medical School, Laikon Hospital of Athens

First Department of Medicine, Athens University Medical School, Laikon Hospital of Athens

Department of Hematology, Molecular Diagnostic Hematology Unit, Hammersmith Hospital, London University

Department of Hematology, Division of Medicine, Karolinska Hospital and Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

National Thalassemia Center National Health System/ESY (Thalassemia Prevention, Management and Prenatal Diagnosis Units), Laikon Hospital

Education Experience

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programme, Medical School, Athens University

PhD and MSci Lectures and Theses supervision

Professional Training to medical graduates and other health professions (invited by Medical Societies)





Clinical and Research Interest

Clinical Interest: Bening and malignant hemopathies, Myelodysplasia,Molecular Diagnostic Hematology, Famililal Mediterranean Fever (FMF)

Research Interest: HLA antigens and disease, hemoglobinopathies, MDS transformation studies, amyloidoses, auto-inflammation studies


Medical Society of Athens , Pan-Hellenic Medical Congress, Research awards, poster presentations.


Co-Authorship in academic textbooks for undergraduate and post-graduate studies published by the Section of Internal Medicine Chairs, School of Medicine, Athens University

Editor, Greek Edition, Bethesda Textbook of Hematology, Parisianos Medical Publications.

Editor, Greek Edition, Fast Facts: Bleeding Disorders (Green and Ludlam) 2nd Edition, PASCHALIDIS/HEALTH PRESS

Recent Publications

1: Vassilakopoulos TP, Chatzidimitriou C, Asimakopoulos JV, Arapaki M, Tzoras E,

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2: Armenis I, Kalotychou V, Tzanetea R, Kollia P, Kontogeorgiou Z,

Anastasopoulou D, Mantzourani M, Samarkos M, Pantos K, Konstantopoulos K, Rombos

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levels in Sickle Cell Disease. Data Brief. 2016 Nov 28;10:192-197

3: Vassilakopoulos TP, Asimakopoulos JV, Konstantopoulos K, Angelopoulou MK.

Optimizing outcomes in relapsed/refractory Hodgkin lymphoma: a review of current

and forthcoming therapeutic strategies. Ther Adv Hematol. 2020 Feb


4: Asimakopoulos JV, Angelopoulou MK, Arapaki MP, Kanellopoulos A, Dimou M,

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Panayiotidis P, Konstantopoulos K, Vassilakopoulos TP. Validation of the

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advanced-stage Hodgkin-lymphoma. Br J Haematol. 2020 Sep;190(6):e335-e339.

5: Giaginis C, Lakiotaki E, Korkolopoulou P, Konstantopoulos K, Patsouris E,

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8: Konstantopoulos K. Leucopenia and familial Mediterranean Fever. Pediatr

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9: Keramaris KE, Konstantopoulos K, Margaritis LH, Velentzas AD, Papassideri IS,

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