Kavvadia Dafni Maria

Kavvadia Dafni Maria Anesthesiologist

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Observer at the Anaethesiology departments of John Dempsey Hospital-Farmington USA, Brigham and Women- Boston USA, La Riboisiere- Paris.
  • Anaethesiology Specialty, Hospital ΝΙΜΤΣ Athens, 1984-1988.
  • National and Kapodistrial University of Athens Medical School, 1977-1983.
  • International Center for Restoration and Preservation of monuments, Unesco, Rome, 1973-1974.
  • National and Kapodistrial University of Athens History and Archeology Department. 1968-1972.


Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • Hellenic Society of Anaethesiology

  • European Society of Anaethesiology


Work Experience

  • Anaesthesiologist Hygeia Hospital 1988-today