Kalavritinos Ioannis

Kalavritinos Ioannis Orthopedist

Director, 4th Orthopaedics Department HYGEIA

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • 1991 Athens University Medical School Ph.D.


  • 10/1976 – 11/1982 University of Athens Medical School
  • 05/1984 – 2/1985 Orthopaedic Department, 216 KICHNE, Alexandroupolis
  • 02/1985 – 11/1985 Department of Surgery, General Hospital Cardarelli, Naples, Italy
  • 11/1987 – 1/1988 Surgery, Nursing Foundation Church of Greece


Doctoral thesis

  • 1991 Athens University Medical School Ph.D.

Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

  • College of Greek Orthopaedic Surgeons

  • Greek Orthopaedic Society

  • Greek Society for Vascular Surgery


Work Experience

02/1985 – 11/1985 Head of Healthcare at NATO Headquarters, Naples, Italy
10/1985 – 11/1985 Visiting doctor (Visiting Physician) at the US Naval Hospital in southern Europe
03/1986 – 11/1987 Term Rural Clinic in Marpissa Paros (responsible for a population of 3,000 people)
03/1988 – 9/1988 profession in hospital “Health”
10/1992-continues profession in hospital “Health”
2004-2008 Director of 1sth Orthopaedic Hospital, “IASO GENERAL»
2008-continues Director of 4th Orthopaedic Clinic “Hygeia” hospital, Athens

Education Experience:
Medical Education Master:

  • 10 / 1987-05 / 1988 Graduate seminar in Vascular Surgery (after qualifying exams), Athens

  • 1990 Orthopaedic Department Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, USA

  • 1991 Orthopaedic Department, Sports injuries, Presbyterian Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

  • 1994 Orthopaedic Department of Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA

  • 1999 Post training Orthopaedic Surgery program in Glasgow University, Scotland

  • 2000 Post Graduate training program on Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, St. Joseph Hospital, Essen, Germany

  • 2001 Advanced training programm on Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery, Orthopaedic Department of Royal Hospital, Liverpool, England (Prof. Frostik)


Clinical & Research Interest

Clinical Interest:

  • Total hip replacement, knee, shoulder

  • Revision hip replacements, knee, shoulder

  • Catchers fractures (contemporary art)

  • Arthroscopy ankle, knee, shoulder

  • Surgery spine (microdiscectomy, spinal fusion)

  • Surgical treatment toe valgus (bunions)

  • Surgery foot (metatarsals fall, Morton, complex deformations)

  • Hand surgery and microsurgery

  • Sports injuries (rehabilitation ligament injuries, cartilage transplantation, stem cells, growth factors)

  • Traumatology

Research Interest:

  • The contribution of the medial and lateral collateral ligament in the stability of the elbow

  • Radioisotope study of total hip arthroplasty.

  • Release of antibiotics in vivo bone cement enriched with quinolones

  • Study of the mechanical properties and porosity of the enriched bone cement quinolones

  • The effect of anaesthesia with halothane in cement-bone bond acrylate. Experimental study



  • Translation of the book of Orthopaedics «Appley Greek”

Recent Publications

  • Osteoid osteoma Hand. case description, review of the literature.56th National Conference, Greek Company of Orthopedics and Traumatology

  • Operative Treatment of type C intraarticular fractures of distal humerus: the role of stability achieved by surgery on final outcome. Injury, 1995; (26) 3

  • Tissue concentration of 3rd generation cephalosporines (ceftazidime and ceftriaxone) in lower extremity using a tourniquet. Archeive of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, 1994; (113) 3

  • Congenital indifference to pain: case report. Acta Orthopaedica Hellenica, 1989; (40) 3: 134-140.