Gerakis Alexandros

Gerakis Alexandros Nephrologist

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Medical School, University of Athens


  • Freemont Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  • Osteoarticular Pathology Manchester, Manchester, UK
  • Clinical Research Fellow, MRI, Manchester,UK
  • Harvard Medical School, New England,US


Doctoral thesis

  • 1995 Medical School. University of Athens “Correlation of osteocalcin and procollagen-I with bone histomorphometry in renal osteodystrophy”

AD-HOC REVIEWER for peer-reviewed international journals

  • Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation

  • Journal of musculoskeletal & neuronal interactions


Work Experience

  • Private surgery

  • Renal unit of”Red cross”clinic, Athens

  • Vice –Director of haemodialysis unit of ”Hygeia” Hospital, Athens

  • Director of renal unit of “Aristotelion” clinic, Athens

  • Nephrology Department, “Hygeia” Hospital, Athens

Education Experience:

  • Clinic lessons in Nephrology Department of Evagelismos Hospital, “Laikon” General Hospital, General Hospital of Athens and Nikaea and Medical school University of Herakleion, Creete 

  • Postgraguate seminars of osteoporosis Κ.Α.Τ.

  • Postgraguate lessons,Medical School of university of Athens

  • Nurse’s Seminars, Gereral Hospital of Athens

  • Lectures in clinical seminars


Clinical & Research Interest

Clinical Interest:

  • Acute kidney disease

  • Glomerulonephritis

  • Minerals disturbances

  • Osteoporosis

Research Interest:

  • Metabolic bone disease

  • Renal nutrition

  • Minerals metabolism



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  • Acute renal failure in: evolutions of Internal Medicine. Athens 2001, pages 391-410

  • Contrast nephropathy in “Clinical Nephrology” Athens 2004

  • Renal osteodystrophy in “Clinical Nephrology” Athens 2004

  • Nephrotic syndrome: disturbances of calcium and vitamin D in “Clinical Nephrology” Athens 2004

  • Nephropathies in malignancy in: evolutions of Internal Medicine, Athens 2006

  • Bone and mineral disorders in in: evolutions of Internal Medicine, Athens 2011

  • Renal osteodystrophy in Metabolic bone diseases, Athens 2007 and 2013

  • Nephrolithiasis in Metabolic bone diseases, Athens 2007 and 2013


Recent Publications

  • Gerakis A, Kapasouri E, Hadjidimitriou G, Billis A. High prevalence of anti-HCV in renal patients determined by first and second generation assays and con-firmed by alternate methods. Nephrol Dial Transplant 1993;8:1307-1308.

  • Gerakis A, Apostolou Th, Billis A.“Release of osteocalcin fragments in the se-rum of dialysed patients during desferrioxamine treatment. Nephron 1995; 71:124 (letter).

  • Gerakis A, Apostolou Th, Bagiatoudi G, Tzouganatou A, Margellos B, Ni-kolopoulou N, Billis A.Serum procollagen type I carboxyterminal propeptide in CAPD and haemodialysis patients. Perit Dial Int 1996;16(Suppl 1): S309-S316.

  • Α. Gerakis, A. J. Hutchison, Th. Apostolou, A. J. Freemont, A. Billis. Biochem-ical markers for non-invasive diagnosis of hyperparathyroid bone disease and ady-namic bone in patients on haemodialysis. Nephrol Dial Transplant 1996;11:2430-2438.

  • Ahuja M, Goumenos D, Shortland JR, Gerakis A, Brown CB .Does immunosup-pression with prednisolone and azathioprine alter the progression of idiopathic membranous nephropathy? Am J Kidney Dis 1999;34:521-529.

  • Gerakis A, Hadjidakis D, Kokkinakis E, Apostolou Th, Raptis SA, Billis A. Corre-lation of bone mineral density with the histological findings of renal osteodystrophy in patients on haemodialysis. J Nephrol 2000;13:437-443.