MITERA Breast Center Becomes a Full Member of the Breast Centers Network

In 2016, the MITERA Breast Center became a full member of the Breast Centers Network, the first international network of clinical centers exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

The Breast Centers Network is made up of 184 breast units worldwide that fulfill the minimum requirements to be considered referral centers, with the aim to promote and improve breast cancer care in Europe and throughout the world. To this end, MITERA:

  • Has formed a team of experts to staff the Breast Center. These include qualified breast surgeons, oncologists, radiology specialists, anatomical pathologists and specialized nurses, who assess the cases and come up with the most suitable treatment plan each time.
  • Offers diagnostic services by fully trained radiology specialists, anatomical pathologists and cytologists, who use state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Follows internationally recognized protocols, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery, offering services that ensure patient safety.