Laser hair removal is absolutely safe and constitutes the most efficient method for gradually reducing hair growth. After approximately six sessions, it achieves noticeable im- provement and reduces terminal hairs, in the order of 85% to 90%. From then on, depending on the desired aesthetic result, the number of the additional sessions required will be decided. In cases of severe hormone-related hair growth, a greater number of sessions will be required. The results, however, will be equally impressive.We use two different types of hair removal lasers (alexan- drite and diode laser), depending on the epilation area, the skin characteristics and the hair type. Both methods are perfectly safe and effective.The Department caters for:


Face, neck, cleavage, abdomen
Hair growth in these areas is considered hormone-related. Excessive hair growth is common in women with hormonal problems (polycystic ovaries, thyroid disorders etc.) In these cases, the Department offers acomprehensive and effective solution to the hair growth issue, in coordination with MITERA Hospital’s Endocrinology Department.



The Department’s experience in men’s hair removal ensures quick and natural results.

Sessions may be arranged even during the summer months.