Trapali Xristina

Trapali Xristina Cardiologist

Education & Academic Qualifications


  • Medical Degree (University of Athens, Greece) 1979
  • Title of specialization in Cardiology,  1987
  • PhD (Medical school, University of Athens) 1988


  • Medical School at University of Athens, Bachelor’s degree Medicine, 1973 – 1979 [grant of IKY (state scholarships foundation)]
  • Cardiology Department at “TZANEIO” Hospital, Medical Specialty, Cardiology, 1981-86
  • “P&A Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital, Medical Specialty, Pediatric Cardiology, 1987-89 (Activities and Societies:  In&out patients, NICU, ECHO lab)
  • “Agia Sofia” Children’s Hospital, Medical Specialty, Pediatric Cardiology(Activities and Societies:  cath lab: 03/1987-07/1988, 10/1989-06/1991, 10/1995-06/1996)
  • “Freeman” Hospital, Newcastle, Medical Specialty, Fetal Cardiology, 1996

PhD/ Thesis

“New criteria to increase the reliability of systolic  time intervals in left bundle branch block” Christina Trapali –Stefanidi, Athens 1988     

Board Member

  • Hellenic Society of Cardiology, 1987

  • European Society of Cardiology, 1987

  • Greek Pediatric Cardiology Association, 1991

  • Association of  European Paediatric Cardiologists, 1999

  • Echo working groups (HSC & ESC) 1991

  • GUCH working groups (HSC & ESC) 1991

  • Fetal working group of AEPC, 1999

  • American Society of Echocardiography, 2013

Professional Experience

  • January 2010 to now: private practice of pediatric and fetal cardiology. “C J Trapali” echo lab, pediatric cardiology and GUCH clinic

  • February 2017 to now:  consultant pediatric cardiologist at “MITERA”  hospital

  • January 2016-October 2016: consultant pediatric cardiologist at “IASO” hospital

  • September 2013-September 2015: consultant pediatric cardiologist at “IATRIKO” hospital

  • October 2011-September 2013: consultant pediatric cardiologist at “REA” maternity hospital

  • May 2011-September 2015: consultant pediatric cardiologist at “GAIA” maternity hospital

  • October 2008-December 2009: private practice of pediatric and fetal cardiology (collaboration with “Medimall” and “Analysis” echo labs)

  • January 1998-September 2008: Head of Echo Dept (NHS) at “P&A Kyriakou” Children’s hospital

  • December 1987-September 2008: Pediatric Cardiologist at “P&A Kyriakou” Children’s hospital in Athens (NHS) (1998-2008:consultant, 1987-1998:senior registrar)

  • January 1987-December 1987: cardiologist at social insurance institute

  • August 1981-June 1986: registrar in cardiology at “TZANEIO” General hospital

  • March 1980-August 1981 general practitioner at NHS

Education Experience

  • Involved in teaching to: registrars, medical students, nursing staff (NHS. “P&A Kyriakou” children’s hospital 1990 -2008)

  • Cardiology teaching to pediatricians (“back to school” courses) 2007-2011

  • Teaching course (fetal cardiology) for gynecologists (Hellenic Ministry of Health «ΚΕΚ» 940005Ε1) 1999, 2000

  • Teaching course (cardiology-emergency) for physicians and nurses (Hellenic Ministry of Health «ΚΕΚ» 940005Ε1) 1999, 2000

  • Numerous bedside teaching and lectures on relevant topics (in small groups of students in the hospital, during courses, etc.)

  • Teaching assistant in embryology lab (medical school of Athens 1975-1977)

Clinical and Research Interest

  • Clinical Interest: congenital heart diseases (from fetus to adult), cardiomyopathies, hypertension, acquired cardiac diseases (from fetus to adolescent)

  • Research Interest:  right heart, echocardiography

Recent Publications

  • “Anomalous origin of the LCA from the PA associated with an accessory atrioventricular pathway and managed successfully with surgical and interventional electrophysiological treatment”
    Tsoutsinos A, Mitropoulos F, Trapali C, Papagiannis J. J Med Case Rep 2011 Aug 16;5:384

  • “A rare case of double aortic arch diagnosed by echocardiography in an asymptomatic 9-year- old patient”
    Trapali C, Nika A, Papaphylactou M, Iakovidou N. Pediatric Cardiol 2010 Jul; 31(5): 728-31

  • “A novel mutation in the G4.5 (TAZ) gene in a Greek patient with Barth syndrome”
    Bachou T, Giannopoulos A, Trapali C, Vazeou A, Kattamis A. Blood Cells Mol Dis 2009 May- Jun; 42(3): 262-4

  • “A unique case of reversible myocardial ischemia in a hyperthyroid neonate”
    Trapali C, Dellagrammaticas H, Nika A, Iakovidou N. Pediatric Cardiol 2008 Jan; 29(1):180-2

  • “Successful medical treatment of candida endocarditis with liposomal amphotericin B without surgical intervention” Stripeli F, Tsolia M, Trapali C, Papaevagelou V, Vlachos E, Pasparakis D, Constantopoulos A Eur J Pediatr 2008 Apr; 167(4): 469-70