Polychronopoulos Vlasios

Polychronopoulos Vlasios Pulmonologist

Director, 1st Pulmonary Department HYGEIA Hospital

Education & Academic Qualifications

  • Scientific Staff, Pathophysiology Dpt: University Of Athens


  • Medical School, ATHENS University, 1975
  • Pulmonary Medicine, 1980
  • Occupational Lung Disease, 1988


Doctoral thesis

  • Lead exposure: Blood and Respiratory consequencies

Fellowship in Societies, Membership in Journal Editorial Committees

American College Of Chest Physician:

  • Governor For Greece: 2000-2015—

  • Scientific Presentation And Awards Committee:2005-2007-

  • Nominations Committee: 2003-2005

  • Educational Committee: 2000-2015

Ers Member

Editorial Boards:

AD-Hoc Reviewer for peer-reviewed international journals

  • Respiratory Medicine 

  • Sarcoidosis Vasculitis And Diffuse Lung Disease


Work Experience

  • Staff, 4th Resp.Dept.Sotiria Hospital:1981-1989

  • Director, Pulmonary Dpt, A.Fleming General Hospital, Athens: 1989-1997

  • Director,3rd Pulmonary Dpt, Sismanoglion General Hospital, Athens: 1997-2012

  • Director, 1st Pulmonary Clinic, HYGEIA General Hospital, Athens: 2016-

Education Experience:

  • Critical Care Department and Lung Function Laboratories, London Chest Hospital – Six months:(Sept1983- June 84, London U.K., supervisor Dr. R.M. Rudd)

  • Laser in Bronchoscopy-One week ( May 1988, Marseille France, supervisor Prof. Dumon and Prof. Shapshay)

  • Bronchoalveolar Lavage –One week-(1986, Prague Czechoslovakia, supervisor Prof. Voisin)

  • Bronchoscopy Chest Clinic- MayoClinic ;Three months:July – October 1996 – Supervisor : Prof. Prakash

  • Interstitial Lung Disease Unit: Brompton Royal Hospital-LONDON- Three months:January 1999-April1999

  • Pulmonary Vasculitis: Mayo Clinic-Three months;Prof. U.Specks:May 1st—July 31st 2007

  • Sarcoidosis: Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)-Charleston, SC, Prof M. Jud-son.—Three months:August 1st-October 31st.


Clinical & Research Interest

  • Diffuse Lung Disease(Brompton Hospital-LONDON 1999—MAYO CLINIC 2007—-Medical University Of South Carolina 2007): Pulmonary Fibrosis –Sarcoidosis—Pulmonary Hemorrhage—

  • (Bronchoscopy: Mayo Clinic 1997

Research Interest:

  • Diffuse Lung Disease, Copd: See Below :Publications


Honors & Awards

  • Hellenic Thoracic Society: Copd Research Award 2006—Chest 2004


  • Clinical Pneumonology (3 volumes) edited by D. Polyzogopoulos and V. Polychronopou-los, 1993 pages : 2870-Paschalidis Editions

  • Physiology of the Lung, edited by V. Polychronopoulos, translated version of J.B. West “Respiratory Physiology”, 1987

  • Pathophysiology of the Lung, edited by V. Polychronopoulos, translated version of J.B. West “Pulmonary Pathophysiology”, 1986
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  • Acute Exacerbation of Respiratory Disease: S.SAHN;ED. :JAYPEE Brothers,2011


Recent Publications

Recent Publications (till 10)—Citations: 1209(Aug 2015)

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