Covid19 Digital Clinic

At the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus, the Hellenic Healthcare Group – HHG (Hygeia, Metropolitan Hospital, Metropolitan General, Mitera, Leto & Creta Interclinic) has developed and makes available to everyone the Covid19 Digital Clinic, a *free remote online COVID-19 monitoring and management clinic right at home.

The digital clinic is addressed to those who are concerned about their health, and aims to support the medical and nursing staff battling in hospitals and to relieve outpatient clinics from receiving a large number of patients.

What is the Covid19 Digital Clinic?

It is a digital platform for getting in touch with a dedicated HHG team of infectious disease specialists. With a simple click through the platform, you can set in motion a process that includes all the required actions, from diagnosis to medical treatment at home or a referral hospital, wherever necessary.

*The use of the digital platform is free of charge for a certain period of time.

Who does the Covid19 Digital Clinic team consist of? 

The dedicated HHG team consists of the following infectious disease specialists and professors: Eleni Giamarellou, Georgios Daikos, Marios Lazanas and Georgios Saroglou. The team is assisted by other qualified infectious disease specialists and internists dedicated to managing the COVID-19 disease.

How does the Covid19 Digital Clinic work? 

Click on the following link here

  • Register and fill in the questionnaire.
  • Send the questionnaire. The coordinator assesses your answers and decides whether you can be included in the home monitoring program.
  • We contact you online.

Registration is simple and the doctor will prepare a personalized care plan. Depending on the instructions and with the help of analog or digital measuring devices, you enter your oxygen, blood pressure and temperature readings. The doctor will follow your progress daily and offer you guidance. Based on the indications, they will decide whether a doctor should visit you at home or whether you may need to be admitted to hospital.

What’s the procedure?

Once you have registered and filled out the questionnaire, there are two alternatives:

  1. The doctor will decide that you do not need to be tested. They will give instructions on what to do at home.
  2. The doctor will decide that you need to be tested. They will refer you to a referral hospital or, if you like, a dedicated mobile HHG unit, consisting of a driver, nurse and doctor, will visit you at home. They will:
    • Perform a clinical evaluation onsite.
    • Collect a nasopharyngeal swab for lab testing.
    • Draw blood.
    • Assess whether emergency transfer to a COVID-19 hospital by a National Health System or private ambulance is necessary or whether treatment at home via remote monitoring and instructions will suffice.

What you need to know about coronavirus testing

  • We carry out a very reliable (99%) molecular PCR test to identify active COVID-19 infection.
  • We notify you of the result immediately.

Provided you wish for us to take on your case, and depending on the case:

  • We continue remote monitoring and treatment through the Covid19 Digital Clinic team. In this case, we prescribe the necessary medications via e-prescription (on condition that you have registered for the service). You may find relevant instructions here.
  • We provide hospitalization in specially designed units within the Group hospitals.