The Assisted Reproduction Unit has been operating since 1994 at MITERA Hospital in Athens, under the highest European and US standards. The Unit is one of the largest IVF Units in Greece in terms of IVF cycles performed annually along with highest IVF success rates. The Unit ensures that all couples enjoy maximum safety within a hospital environment and the can rely on MITERA Hospital’s wide range of doctor specialties for all their medical needs.

Since 2017, MITERA is collaborating with the Institute of Life, one of the largest companies creating and managing Assisted Reproduction Centers in Europe, and together have launched a new partnership by creating the Institute of Life – MITERA – Assisted Reproduction Unit. Institute of Life – MITERA is certified both with ISO 9001:2008 and with EN 15224:2012 and since 2018 it is also accredited by the Global Clinic Rating (GCR), as one of the best IVF Units in Greece and worldwide.