Information for Visitors

MITERA’s primary care is to serve its inpatients and ensure their comfort, privacy and quick recovery. For that reason, we urge visitors not to abuse rules and regulations of the MITERA Children’s Hospital, particularly visiting hours.

In order for our little friends to have a good time you are kindly informed that channel 2 on the TV broadcasts children’s content.

All the hospitalization rooms have their own air-conditioning system that can be adjusted by the patients. For its proper operation the window of the room should be closed.

Taking into account the diet prescribed by your attending doctor, the scientists of the Dietetics Department compose the meals offered to the hospitalized children.

Overnight staying - Private nurse

Parents are allowed to spend the night in the hospitalization rooms of all classes. This is strictly forbidden to any other visitor. If you wish to engage a private nurse, you may ask the Head Nurse of the Floor. The private nurse’s compensation is determined by Law.

Visiting Hours

Visiting of retailers or other people not related to the inpatients IS RESTRICTED to protect the privacy rights of the patients and maintain safety and security. However, you are requested to call Security or the Floor’s Head Nurse in case of violation.

Ensuring inpatients’ comfort and privacy is our primary goal. Visitors and adult companions are welcome to visit during visiting hours (11:00 to 13:00 and 17:30 to 20:00). Visitors should be limited to the immediate family of the child. Please make your visits brief and leave promptly at the end of visiting hours.

For the protection of all children hospitalized in MITERA Children’s Hospital, children under 14 years of age are not allowed to enter hospital rooms or wander around the wards. For that reason, children should visit the child care centre to have a pleasant and constructive stay.

Children's Lounge (Level b) Opening Hours:
Monday-Friday, 08:00 -14:00, supervised by experienced MITERA personnel
(In the afternoons and on weekends and holidays, the play area is open to children, but they must be accompanied and supervised by an Adult)

In the case that visitors do not respect the visiting hours, the Hospital’s Security Department has the authorization to escort them out to ensure patients’ privacy. In addition, the Hospital’s Security Department should control visitors’ traffic to the patient wards in hours outside the established visiting hours.

For more information call: +30 210 686 9000

Problems Solving - Questionnaires

We are committed to provide quality services and constantly improve them. For this purpose, please fill in the questionnaire found in your room, with your opinion and comments and place it in the special box, next to the Head nurse’s office.

MITERA Children’s Hospital and its staff are at your disposal on a 24/7 basis. For every matter that may occur during your stay in the hospital please contact the floor’s Head nurse office immediately.