In the 35 years it has been operating, MITERA hospital has been offering comprehensive healthcare services to women, children and families. It runs three hospitals: a General Hospital, a Maternity/Gynecological Hospital and a Children’s Hospital. MITERA Children’s Hospital is the most comprehensive private children’s hospital in Greece.

MITERA is active in the areas of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare and is licensed for 501 beds. It runs fully organized departments, special units, outpatients clinics and diagnostic labs, which offer integrated medical services.  It has 892 employees and 1,300 associate physicians who cover all medical specialties.

In October 2011, it entered the Medical Tourism market, after being certified by TEMOS, with the aim of expanding its healthcare services to an international level. MITERA is an innovator in the field of medical diagnostics in Greece. A range of medical tests, from the simplest to the most complicated, are performed in the comfortable and friendly environment of its labs. Many of these tests are performed solely at MITERA Hospital.

Patient care and provision of top-level hospital services are of pivotal importance in all MITERA clinics. MITERA’s scientific personnel are in constant readiness to treat any medical condition 24/7. To this end, it has access to state-of-the-art operating rooms, six delivery rooms, adult and pediatric ICUs, a NICU, a High Dependency Unit and an Adult Positive Pressure Unit.

MITERA is constantly at the forefront of scientific research, specializing in the following fields: umbilical cord blood and stem cells, Down syndrome and congenital fetal abnormalities, hormone receptors, infertility, neonatal jaundice and adolescent diabetes.  
Our people, associates and staff are our driving force. Continuous education – through scientific events, seminars and conferences organized by MITERA – contributes towards offering valuable knowledge to physicians and scientific associates.  The scientific staff has access to international medical libraries and bibliography, while scientific councils are held regularly to provide solutions to even the most complicated medical cases encountered within the Hospital.
On-call physicians, certified nurses, midwives and pediatric nurses treat any medical emergency 24/7, supported by administrative and technical staff.

At MITERA, we strive so that our patients enjoy a comfortable and pleasant hospital stay.  The General, Maternity/Gynecological and Children’s clinics occupy the second to the seventh floors, offering a range of amenities to ensure a comfortable experience.

MITERA prides itself for the quality and variety of its dietary menu, which is planned by clinical dieticians. The food is prepared onsite with select ingredients, while special care is taken to address the dietary needs and preferences of each patient.

The hospitality services offered to patients, accompanying persons and visitors also include shops, a bank, underground parking and a crèche.
The latest technology telecommunication and IT services guarantee the smooth operation of all the administrative and customer service departments of MITERA.
The upgraded 24-hour call center manages all calls and briefs the relevant nursing and administrative departments, so that patients are admitted without delays and accompanying persons are notified immediately.

Special care is taken with regard to clothing management and laundry services for patients and staff. Furthermore, all the latest cleaning methods are applied, ensuring suitable hygienic conditions in all areas. 

In its 30,000 sqm surface area, MITERA includes:

  • The only high-field (1.0 Tesla) open-type MRI scanner in Greece and the Balkans.
  • One of the largest in terms of fertility cycles IVF unit in the country.
  • Latest generation laparoscopic operating rooms.
  • A fully organized conference center, the Nikolaos Louros Center, which constitutes a point of reference for the Athens conference market. 
  • A specially designed VIP wing that offers top-quality hospitalization, ensuring a safe and civilized healthcare environment. 
  • A multidisciplinary Adult ICU, with a capacity of 11 beds.
  • A multidisciplinary Children’s ICU and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery ICU, with a total capacity of 10 beds.
  • A Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), with a total capacity of 90 beds.
  • 20 operating rooms.
  • 6 delivery rooms.
  • 18 labor rooms