The largest Private Hospital in Greece

  • Thirty (30) years of operation and provision of integrated medical services to the Woman, the Child and the Family.
  • Covers an area of about 30,000 m2
  • 501 beds. 
  • Multipurpose I.C.U for Adults with a capacity of 11 beds. 
  • Multipurpose I.C.U for Children and a Paediatric Cardiosurgical I.C.U with a total capacity of 10 beds. 
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with three levels of care and a total capacity of 90 beds. 
  • Twenty (20) operating rooms. 
  • Six (6) delivery rooms. 
  • Seventeen (17) labour rooms. 
  • Active staff: about 950. 
  • About 1,500 affiliated medical staff. 
  • Over 186,000 outpatient visits in 2009. 
  • Over 28,500 inpatient admissions in 2009. 
  • About 12,400 births in 2009. 
  • About 25,000 surgical procedures every year.
  • December 2006  Strategic Partnership between LETO and MITERA  Creation of the largest Group in Greece for the treatment of obstetric and gynecological cases  The Group accounts for over 50% of the private maternity care in Attica.

MITERA offers the following equipment and facilities:

  • An open bore Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device with a powerful 1.0T magnet that is unique in Greece and the Balkan area. 
  • An In-Vitro Fertilisation Unit that stands among the three largest IVF Units in Greece in terms of IVF cycles per year. 
  • Operating rooms with state-of-the-art equipment for the performance of laparoscopic surgeries. 
  • The Cambridge Breast Clinic at MITERA Hospital that was established to deliver the highest quality scientific knowledge and clinical excellence. 
  • The “Nikolaos Louros” Conference Center that is fully equipped and serves as a Reference Point in the field of Conference-related events in Athens. 
  • A dedicated VIP floor that is particularly designed and constructed to satisfy the most demanding patients in terms of comfort, privacy, safety and excellent standards of medical care. 


A unique private Children’s Hospital in Greece

  • July 2003: MITERA Children’s Hospital started its operation. 
  • June 2004: MITERA Children’s Hospital official inauguration. 
  • March 2008: The Pediatric Ophthalmology Department started its operation. The Department is the first integrated Pediatric Ophthalmology Department in the country and provides reception to all pediatric ophthalmology cases. 
  • May 2008: The MITERA Pediatric Cardiological – Cardiosurgical Clinic started its operation. The Clinic is the first of its kind to operate under the umbrella of a private children’s hospital. The Clinic stands among the eight Pediatric Cardiosurgical Centres in Europe with certified surgical results. 
  • January 2009: The Pediatric Orthopedic Department started its operation. 
  • October 2010: The Pediatric Neurosurgical Department started its operation. 

The largest private Children’s Hospital in Greece

  • 115 beds of all categories. 
  • The Outpatients Department is on call on a 24h basis. 
  • The Hospital is on call for 365 days per year. 
  • Highest level of primary, secondary and tertiary medical care services. 
  • The Hospital provides highly qualified staffing for all medical specialties related to Pediatrics. 
  • State-of-the-art equipment that is continuously brought up to date with the latest medical advancements. 
  • Cooperation with Harvard’s Mass General Hospital for Children and Yale Children’s Hospital. 
  • Implementation of strict protocols that ensure continuous improvement of the medical care quality. 
  • The first private Pediatric Cardiological – Cardiosurgical Department in Greece with a Hemodynamic Laboratory, an Electrophysiology Laboratory and a Pediatric Cardiological - Cardiosurgical I.C.U. 
  • The first integrated Department of Paediatric Ophthalmology of the private sector. 
  • I.C.U. exclusively for children and adolescents. 
  • Integrated treatment of diabetes in childhood and puberty. 
  • Department of Craniofacial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. 
  • Developmental Paediatrics Department.
  • Department of Adolescent Medicine. 
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology Department. 
  • Pediatric Neurosurgical Department. 
  • Pediatric Urology Department.


A full-service children’s hospital of European standards that offers high level of care in Clinical Pediatrics. It’s a new day for pediatric health care in the country since it enables Greek children to be treated properly in Greece. 

Centers of Excellence